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Educational Offerings

I.   Street & Designer Drugs – What you need to know as a _____”

        A)  Version 1 is a 3-hour program for healthcare professionals who need a broad 
               overview of street and designer drugs.  

        B)  Version 2 is a 2-hour program directed at non-healthcare professionals from 
                ages 12 years and older.  This program will cover myths and medical impact 
                of short and long term usage.  

II.  "OH MAA"  This is a 2-hour program specifically focusing in on Opiates, 
            Methamphetamines, and alcohol.  

III.  "Medical Marijuana – Cutting through the fog  this is a 2-hour program that 
            discusses the current situation and attempts to pass legalization and 
            decriminalization regulations for marijuana through the compassionate
             treatment argument.  This program is geared towards laypeople, politicians, and 
            healthcare practitioners who are faced with decisions on the ethical and 
            practical aspects of medical marijuana.    

IV.  Bloodborne /Airborne Pathogens  this is a 1-2 hour class focusing in 
            on compliance with OSHA regulation 1910-1030 for companies who need to
            meet annual education requirements for employees who may be exposed to 
            bloodborne or airborne pathogens.  It will also be tailored to meet the particular 
            state regulations of the particular business industry.  

 V.  EMS Ethics  this is a 1.5 to 2 hour program that covers the history and 
            development of medical ethics and how EMS ethics came to be.  It presents a 
            few decision models that may be implemented when making an ethical decision.
            It also includes a case study portion.  

VI.  Drug Addiction & the Developing Brain  this is a 1 – 2 hour 
            presentation that will discuss how addictive drugs impact brain development.  
            It will cover gateway and experimentation behaviors and discuss risk factors 
            for addiction.

VII.  Public Speaking / Customized Education 
you tell us 
           your needs/desires and we will craft a presentation or a public 
            speaking session to meet those expectations. 

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