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INTERVENTION utilizing the ARISE® Intervention Model, we capitalize on the addicted individual’s family (business) network to enter into treatment services and encourage healing between the individual and the family (business) circle utilizing the ARISE® Continuum of Care process.

CONTINUING CARE is a service/process for the family (business) network to continue to meet and address issues so that while the addicted individual is in treatment and once he/she completes treatment a safe, sober, and healthy lifestyle can continue at home.  The program is individually tailored to meet the needs of both the support network and the addicted individual.  The interventionist works as both an advocate and facilitator to the parties and process.  Specific topics covered include sober living, group therapy options, individual therapy options, education on addiction, recovery, medication and life balance, relapse prevention strategies, etc.  Generally this service once agreed upon the scope and needs is purchased in 6 month increments and involves regularly schedule meetings or conference calls.

EDUCATION provide education on topics surrounding street & designer drugs, addiction, exposure control programs (bloodborne & airborne pathogens training), ethics, and other customized programs based on individual or business needs.

SOBER ESCORT provide sober transportation services to individuals as they journey to treatment facilities to begin their recovery process.

CONSULTING SERVICES work with organizations or individuals in developing programs to support safe and healthy living and workplace practices, develop quality improvement programs, and assessment of organizational and leadership skill/knowledge base to improve overall performance practices.

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