Frequently Asked Questions

An intervention is a deliberate process that is carried out with the intent of changing a person’s actions or behaviors. In the context of the addicted individual, an intervention is a process to inform and encourage a person into a treatment program.

The ARISE® Invitational Intervention is an open process that utilizes the identified support network of the addicted individual as the motivation to enter into a treatment program. This model is NOT a surprise to or an attack of the addicted person. The addicted person is informed about the location and times of the meetings and asked to fully participate.

Research has shown that the ARISE® Intervention Model gets 83% of addicted individuals to enter treatment.

Addiction is a physiologic or psychologic dependence on some agent.

It is a disease process that significantly affects the brain. Addiction impacts the entire family structure and has tremendous effects on the person, his/her work, the immediate and extended family, and may result in death.

The goal is to get the person into a treatment program.

The process starts with the “FIRST CALL”. Here you will speak with an interventionist who will ask and answer questions surrounding the addicted individual and their support network – be it family or business in nature. This call is designed to lay down the framework to have the “FIRST MEETING” and to discuss treatment options. There is no charge for the “FIRST CALL”.

If the decision is made to continue the process to the “FIRST MEETING” and conduct the intervention, we will have a discussion and come to an agreement on financial compensation prior to the “FIRST MEETING”.