Our mission is to provide professional, accurate, and high caliber intervention, education, consulting, and referral services to individuals and organizations; surrounding the topics of addiction, health & safety, and emergency medical services.


Our vision is that our company will be recognized and established as a professional, reliable, ethical organization providing intervention, education, consulting and referral services to the individual, family, or business on the topics of addiction, health & safety, and emergency medical services.

Core Values


We believe that facts are the key. the emergency medical services & addiction fields are growing and evolving. it is our goal and desire to ensure that the information we put forth is evidence based and supported by the fields we work in.

Ethical Practice

We believe that ethical practice is a core criteria for any business and we uphold the ethical standards established by the professions that we support and participate with as part of our business practices.


We believe that integrity is developed when no-one is watching. It is demonstrated over time as trust is earned through our interactions with our clients, colleagues, and the public. As a business that focuses on interacting with the addicted person and their support network, integrity is critical for our success and the success of our clients.


A core foundation to the human condition. We are dedicated to respecting human beings as individuals, family members, and members of a business or society. We value the person, the business, and their potential.