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Mr. Stewart has been in emergency medical services since 1986 working in various aspects of the profession from provider to educator to leader.  In 1998 he began his emergence into the addictive treatment world unexpectedly, when his Medical Director and Mentor, Dr. David Connor asked him put together a continuing education session on the topic of street and designer drugs.  At the time many of the programs available to the healthcare community were focused on the legalities of the substances.  His programs focused on fettering out fact from fiction and discussing the medical impact of utilizing the substances discussed.  These programs over the years have evolved into various levels and focuses – see educational programs.  He has presented to students, healthcare practitioners, teachers, parents, law enforcement, and other public safety staff. 

He began his formal education in intervention methodologies through the Linking Human Systems, LLC where he received training in intervention strategies and processes focusing on the ARISE® Invitational Intervention Model.  He is a certified ARISE® Interventionist.  

Mr. Stewart is a Nationally Registered Paramedic licensed in New Hampshire and certified in Massachusetts.  He holds instructor credentials in Basic and Advanced Life Support from the American Heart Association.  He is an EMS Instructor/Coordinator in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  As a former Army Combat Medic and a current civilian Paramedic, Mr. Stewart has treated many patients in the prehospital emergency setting suffering from overdose and substance abuse issues.  His initial and continuing education includes various programs on treating overdoses, suicidal, behavioral & psychiatric emergencies, trauma, and cardiac care in the prehospital emergency environments.  He is a well established practitioner, educator, and leader in the EMS Profession.

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