Educational Offerings / Public Speaking

I. “Street & Designer Drugs – What you need to know as a _____

A) Also known as DRUGS 101:  This is a 2 – 3 hour program for adults who need a broad overview of substances that are frequently utilized by our substance misuse population.  This is constantly updated to reflect the “newest” trends from Alcohol to Methamphetamine to Xanax and anything in between.  

B) Version 2 also known as DRUGS 201:  This is a 2 – 3 hour program that goes to the next level with regard to the medical impacts and treatment options for the various substances.  

C)  Please NOTE:  We will craft any of our classes to the audience needs i.e. age appropriateness, medical intensity, etc.


This is a 2-hour program specifically focusing in on Opiates, Methamphetamines, and alcohol.

III. "Medical Marijuana – Cutting through the fog

This is a 2-hour program that discusses the current cannabis situation.  We discuss the medical issues and trends as well as the decriminalization and legalization positions.  This program is geared towards laypeople, politicians, and healthcare practitioners who are faced with decisions on the ethical and practical aspects of medical marijuana.

IV. Opioids in the US: A walk through time with the Dragon

This is a 1-2 hour class focusing on the history of Opioid use in the US from Opium Dens to the US Pharmacopeia.  We discuss the early days of heroin use as a cough suppressant through the change in our healthcare system for pain control to todays focus on alternative pain management.  This program is geared towards the general public from 12 years and up.  

V. EMS Ethics

This is a 1.5 to 2 hour program that covers the history and development of medical ethics and how EMS ethics came to be. It presents a few decision models that may be implemented when making an ethical decision.

It also includes a case study portion.

VI. Drug Addiction & the Developing Brain

This is a 1 – 2 hour presentation that will discuss how addictive drugs impact brain development.

It will cover gateway/initiation through experimentation to misuse to full addiction.  We will discus the escalating behaviors and risk factors as well as treatment options.  

VII. Public Speaking / Customized Education

You tell us your needs/desires and we will craft a presentation or a public speaking session to meet those expectations.